Dynamic Pricing Solutions

Today, in order for a clerk working in a retail environment to make a price change they must manually change the price on each and every item. Adding to this inefficiency, when the price is changed on the item, no corresponding changes are made in the association between its price, its location, the person who changed the price, and the item itself.

Transparent Visibility provides complete vertical solutions to retailers who want to offer their customers an enhanced shopping experience, improve store productivity, and lower costs. We offer electronic sign and tag technology that allows for time of day price changes and dynamic inventory management– all coordinated from a central location and fully synchronized with the retailer’s enterprise database. Our electronic shelf labels can display more than price, promoting specials unique to the customer. This saves everyone money and rocks the customer experience.

Our solution is based on bidirectional communications to guarantee high accuracy and dependability in any environment. Through our bistable electronic display technology, if the shelf label detects a problem, such as a low battery or incomplete transmission, it can transmit the fault for corrective action. Significant savings can be realized by proper inventory management based on real time data.