Product and Asset Visibility

Blinksys Tag for Inventory Management Our technology provides visibility to anything you need; from products in a shipping container, to devices such as employee badges or high-value high-dollar assets. Our solution provides you the capability to not only know where items are located, but also to manage operational anomalies by exception.

By combining our Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technologies with our specialized software suite, we help businesses and people locate products, assets, and devices (PADs). We associate these objects in a way that has never been possible, enabling companies to dramatically improve profitability and customer service simultaneously. By collecting information about PADs without human intervention, companies can reap the rewards of increased productivity and efficiencies while reducing human errors and shrink. Additionally, the combined technologies provide a way to “associate” PADs transparent of human involvement.

For example, in a restaurant setting, a bottle of wine, a table, a customer and the server within a specific area (“zone”) creates an electronic record that is continually updated without any human involvement. This transparent visibility provides enormous potential for providing enhanced customer service, accurate accounting of resources and assets, and operational efficiency.